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Hong Kong Conditions for Tax Concessions

Concessionary tax rate for assessable profits of a FIHV is 0%.

  • HKD240m in Schedule 16C assets in FIHV (Family Investment Holding Vehicle) managed by the SFO (Single Family Office)
  • carry out CIGAs (Core Income Generating Activities) in Hong Kong
  • 2 full-time employees in Hong Kong with required qualifications
  • at least 2m HKD annual operating expenditure

see IRD ressource and kpmg presentation.

Singapore Conditions for Tax Concessions section 13X

  • SGD50m at time of application
  • manager must be licensed as investment mgr
  • fund manager must employ 3 investment professionals
  • SGD200k expense per year

There is also a 13R rules, see kpmg slide 6.