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Interactive Brokers Financial Statements Data

Balance sheet analysis

The balance sheet gives a picture of the capital intensiveness of the business. We want to identify businesses with

  • high margin
  • high or low R&D requirements (these are expensed but could arguably be capitalized)
  • LT debt history
  • Current Ratio = current asset/current liab
  • Turnover = sales / total asset

I give below the key codes for Interactive Brokers financial data. Special mention for ERAD: R&D expenditure, which helps categorize businesses.

Balance sheet items

  • ATCA total current asset
  • ATOT total asset
  • LTCL total current liab
  • STLD total debt

Special Balance Sheet items for Financials

  • Life Ins: 5530103: SPRI (premium earned), RNII
  • Invest Bank: 55102
  • Credit Card: 5510103
  • Bank 5510101: ANTL Net Loans, CDBT total deposit
  • Insurance: 5530101: APRE: Ins receipt, SPOT: Policy liab