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The Bitcoin blockchain is a panopticon showing every transactions ever done and the current balance on all wallets.

Dash (previously dark coin)


  • total supply: 21m, pow
  • allows transparent and opaque transactions
  • use "zero knowledge proofs"
  • ZCash had a premine allocated to its consortium leading


  • infinite supply with reducing increments
  • mix transaction input and output with previous wallets transaction
  • hides transaction amounts
  • pow, cpu mining (asics/gpu resistant)
  • client written in c++

Mimble Wimble Grin

  • linear supply of one grin per second (100% inflation in 2019, 10% in 2029, 1% in 2129)
  • pow, dual mining mode (asics/cpu)
  • compresses blockchain information and natively hides amounts and source/target wallet
  • client written in Rust

Grin exchanges

Grin is so new that prices can differ significantly between exchanges. Some exchanges such as hotbit no longer allow withdrawals.

Bittrex has much higher price but requires a wallet file to be created by the grin linux client to accept a deposit. allows direct withdrawal with the account address.

Grin Wallet Files

Here are instructions on how to use grin-wallet. Note that grin-wallet needs to be built separately from grin server now.

Let's say Alice wants to send funds to Bob:

  • Alice: types: grin wallet send -m file -d my_grin_transaction.tx 100
  • Bob: grin wallet receive -i my_grin_transaction.tx, and bob send generated my_grin_transaction.tx.response to Alice
  • Alice types: grin wallet finalize -i my_grin_transaction.tx.response

Transaction is highly interactive.