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Privacy Crypto Outperformance

first posted: 2022-11-30 11:13:05.892388

Update 2024 most privacy crypto behave as shitcoin

I setup a weekly monitoring:


Original article: Outperformance

While in 2021, emphasis was on yield farming on meme based token and stable coin, as well as cefi high interest deposits, many of these have gone bust, along with crypto derivative platform FTX. The main crypto pair, BTC/ETH seem to be entering crypto winter. An interesting exception seems to be privacy coins:

Dash: a crypto using PoS coinjoin masternode for privacy and PoW X11 miners img

XMR: monero a currency with privacy by default with CPU mining: img

LTC: litecoin had an upgrade with MWEB in May, it is now one of the privates coins, it uses scrypt mining, joined with DOGE. img

ZEC: Zcash uses zk-proof, making it the most private coin, at the cost of a very large blockchain, this uses Equihash mining img

GRIN and MWC: MimbleWimbleCoin is a 21m capped supply clone of MW Grin, which has linear issuance. Both coins have cratered.