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World Countries Populations and Economies

first posted: 2019-06-15 15:54:03.486966

Based on current economic weight and future demographic expansion, from an economic and demographic standpoint, the countries to watch out for are:

For their economic growth:

  • US
  • China

For their economic development and future population growth:

  • India
  • Indonesia

For their demographic growth only:

  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan

Relative Economic Weights of Countries

This visualisation from enables us to view the current size of the different countries GDP:


World GDP

This is a Purchase Parity GDP (PPP) from, so China appears bigger than the US. The underrepresentation of Africa and the Indian subcontinent is impressive.


World Population


Reference Projection Map


Unfortunately, Worldmapper uses a equirectangular projection which distorts areas, making Russia and Canada appear too big and equatorial countries smallest.

The Galls-Peters projection would have the advantage of showing comparable land areas (but both E-W and N-S distances get distorted as you move towards the poles):


image credit: sacred margins